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September 11, 2010
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Sonaze - Sonic's gets sick by KukiTheHyena Sonaze - Sonic's gets sick by KukiTheHyena
Criticism is welcome here ^^ Tell me how I can inprove please. Oh, MS Paint and a graphics tablet is all I have to work with.

If there's spelling mistakes, please tell me. Thank you ^^


Sonic and Blaze were on a date, they had alot of plans for their date but for some reason Sonic didn't feel up to it. He seemed to have no energy, he was breathing a little hard, he looked a little pale and his eyes had a pinkish tone to them. Sonic was convinced that he was fine, but Blaze knew that there's something wrong. "Are you feeling alright, Sonic? You don't seem like yourself" Blaze asked. "I kinda had a rough night last night, I guess I'm a little tired today." Sonic replied. Blaze felt like she could trust Sonic, they continued their date but Blaze was still curious about Sonic.

Sonic rubbed his head, he started to get a terrible headache. "I think we should go home.." Blaze said. "No, its fine. We don't have to." Sonic said to Blaze but he throat was hurting really bad and he had a hoarse voice. "Sonic, I feel you're not well enough to go out today. Please?" Blaze said. Sonic decided to go home, just for Blaze. We they got home, Sonic, reluctantly, layed down in bed and Blaze got Sonic something to eat and drink. "Here, maybe you just need some food. You haven't eaten today." Blaze said while she put the tray, with the food and a glass of water, on his lap.

Even though Sonic wasn't hungry, he forced himself to eat and drank the water, thinking that would make he feel better. He didn't feel any better, in fact he felt worse after doing that. Sonic and Blaze sat on the bed together and watched films for the entire day, even though Sonic didn't like being stuck in a room on a beautiful day. As the evening came, Sonic was developing a high fever. Blaze was, in the kitchen, making Sonic some soup for supper. But the hedgehog upstairs was all huddled up, shivering and the food he forced himself to eat was repeating on him.

Sonic couldn't move very well because of his terrible muscle pains, so he quickly grabbed the bin and threw up into it. Blaze heard a strange sound, she decided to check while the soup was simmering. She walked upstairs, opened the door and Sonic looked at Blaze like a small child who just threw up, the look that's close to crying. "Oh dear, are you alright Sonic?" Blaze asked, she sat next to him and rubbed his back so his muscles would relax. "Lesson learned.. Forcing myself to eat is a stupid move.." Sonic said, his voice sounded even worse.

Blaze laughed slightly, she got up and picked up the bin to go and empty it. "Good thing the bin had a bag in it.. Hehe.." Sonic said with a chuckle. "Yeah." Blaze laughed and walked out to empty the bin and continue cooking the soup. Sonic layed back down, he felt a little better after that. Blaze came back upstairs, with a tray, with the soup for him, Sonic smiled because it was something light. Blaze put the tray of his lap, Sonic picked up the spoon and started eating. Blaze sat next to him on the bed.

Sonic finished the soup, not feeling quite as sick as he did when he ate lunch. Blaze took the tray and went downstairs, Sonic layed down and before he noticed, he was out cold. Blaze came back upstairs and saw Sonic asleep. She smiled, she went back downstairs, and sat on the couch to watch TV. In the middle of the night, Sonic woke up and forced himself out of bed. He was really dizzy, he had to use the wall to keep him standing. He got halfway to the bathroom and just collapsed from his fever. Blaze heard the thud and went upstairs to see if Sonic was alright.

She saw Sonic out cold in the hallway and screamed in shock at seeing him out cold on the floor. She ran over and felt his forehead, he was burning up. She picked him up and put him back to bed. Blaze got the thermometer and took his temperature, Tympanically (In the ear). He had a fever of 103.7, Blaze then cleaned the thermometer off. Blaze decided to not sit on the bed, incase she woke Sonic up, but pulled a chair to the side of the bed and watched him sleep, she stayed up that whole night.

That morning, when Sonic woke up, Blaze was holding a glass of water and some paracetamol/advil. Sonic took the pills and the glass of water. "Thanks.." Sonic said, he put the pills in his mouth and swallowed them with some water. Blaze smiled, and held his hand. "Thanks Blaze.. Thanks for helping me.." Sonic said with the very little voice he had. "No need to thank me, I'd do anything for you." Blaze said. "But you gave me such a scare last night." "Sorry.." "It's okay Sonic, I'm just glad you're okay now."

Sonic held Blaze's hand close to his heart and fell asleep. Blaze smiled at feeling Sonic's steady, and slightly fast, heartbeat and ended up falling asleep in the chair. A week later, Sonic was up on his feet and running through fields with Blaze.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat SEGA and Sonic Team
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